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Are you feeling overwhelmed by administering your company’s SIMPLE retirement plan? Did you forget to make some deposits and are worried that you might be in trouble with the IRS?

The experts at Fix My SIMPLE Plan can help!

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The IRS offers three programs for correcting plan errors. See below for details of those plans and how our experts can help you save time, money, and headaches by resolving your issues with your SIMPLE Plan.

1. Self-Correction Plan (SCP)

This allows a company to self-correct insignificant operational errors at any time to preserve the tax-favored status of your plan.  The benefits of this option are that it does not involve the IRS and there are no additional user fees on top of what you pay to correct any mistakes that have been made.


This option allows a company to propose a correction for significant operational errors to the IRS, and to work together with them to keep the tax-favored status of your plan. Our experts can help you determine whether errors are significant, and exactly what is needed to resolve them.

3 . Audit Closing Agreement Program

Also known as Audit CAP, this is when a company is found by the IRS to have significant operational errors upon examination.  The company enters into a closing agreement with the IRS and pays a sanction negotiated with them. Unfortunately, Fix My SIMPLE Plan does not provide services for this.

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Did you forget to make SIMPLE plan deposits? Are you afraid you might be in trouble with the IRS? Our experts, lead by Mike Ray, are here to help.

Mike is an enrolled agent and Fix My SIMPLE Plan’s head retirement plan expert with three years of experience helping small business owners resolve errors related to SIMPLE plan administration.  

Fix My SIMPLE Plan is a division of Stonecreek Accounting LLC, a full-service accounting firm based in Lawrence, KS. With over seven years in business servicing small business tax and accounting needs, we are prepared take the steps necessary to relieve your SIMPLE plan-related stress, help you correct oversights, and secure your employees’ future.

Let our experts help fix your SIMPLE plan so you can stop worrying and get back to growing your business.

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